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Our History

Purcell Grocers est. 1887

Marmalades cafe is housed inside ‘E.S Purcell’s General Store’, a 136 year old building, established in 1887. We are very proud to run our business in this beautiful reminder of Australia's history and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself.


National & Victorian Trust

Fixtures inside ‘E.S Purcell’s General Store’ are National & Victorian Trust classified including bread bins, balustrade, three long counters & safe.​​ 


Victorian Heritage - Statement of Significance

"Purcell's General Store at 20 High Street, Yea is of architectural and historical importance for the following reasons:

1) as a rare, intact example of a traditional country-town general store;

2) because it retains many traditional fixtures and fittings dating from the store's inception in 1887, including three large counters, and providing much of the atmosphere and ambience of a traditional country town store;

3) as one of the oldest buildings still surviving in Yea and;

4) for its association with the Purcell family, a prominent family in Yea since the 1860's, who owned and operated the store for nearly 100 years.”

Our Clients

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